Prestige Toastmasters MTG#1211 - Social Dilemma


主題 Topic:Prestige Toastmasters MTG#1211 - Social Dilemma

會議時間 Meeting Time:2021-10-14 19:00

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2021/10/14 MTG1211 <Theme: Social Dilemma>

In early October, there was a massive outage that took down Facebook and its associated services like Instagram for several hours, leading to a global impact including its three billion users. Many people suddenly lost their most important tool to connect to their friends, the platform to share their daily life and even the access to any news. Before this severe event, a whistleblower accused that Facebook's commercial activities and its algorithm harm youths' health. It reminds us of the long-existing issues of social media.
Do you think there is a more healthy way to use social media?
Share your thoughts or experience 

Our prepared speakers line up for this Thursday’s meeting:
  1. Ruby
  2. Jing
  3. Annie
  4. Alex

Looking fwd to seeing you in our meeting this Thursday evening.  

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